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Way Fruit Farm
Philly Holiday Christmas Tree Lighting 2016
Philadelphia, Pa- The 23rd annual Philly Holiday Christmas Tree Lighting officially kicked off the holiday season this past, Saturday at City Hall. 

Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney and guests turned on the lights of the 40-foot-tall, 4,000 pound Colorado Fir that has been harvested in Pennsylvania. 

The base of the tree is newly designed, showcasing 20 Philadelphia neighborhoods along with their own iconic scenes and trademarks.

"I love our tree. This is my first as Mayor. We wanted a nice big one with a nice beautiful base and we hope that everyone can get some peace and joy." Mayor Kenney says.
Amor is Here to Stay!
Today, Robert Indiana's Amor statue marked Philadelphia as its official home in Sister Cities Park. 

After being temporarily placed in Philadelphia during the visit of Pope Francis, the statue received its ribbon cutting ceremony making it official. 

The Amor statue means love, in both the Spanish and Latin language. Having already a Love statue, the Amor statue will represent the multi-cultural people living in and making Philadelphia the home of brotherly and sisterly love that it's known as today!
From Pushcarts to Cadillacs 

South Philadelphia's very own Cacia's Bakery!

PHILADELPHIA, Pa — South Philadelphia’s very own Cacia’s Bakery first opened in 1953. Now it has expanded to six locations and employs the fifth generation of Cacia bakers. 

Joseph Cacia II started working when he was 12, selling rolls out of a push cart with his father.

Once they were able to, the Cacia family moved into an upstairs apartment that is located inside the bakery’s building. 

Sam Cacia says how it was convenient for his grandfather because all he had to do to get to work was walk down the stairs. 


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Clark Kent of Radio
2016 Conquer Run/Walk
South Philadelphia's T-Shirt Memorial
A Smile for a Smile 


Philadelphia, Pa- Strands 25 Hair Salon helped prepare the Stars for their big night for the 10 year anniversary of the 2016 Little Smiles Organization Star Gala. 


Little Smiles Organization is a volunteer driven, non-profit children's charity. 

Their mission is to help heal hearts and create little smiles by providing gifts and fun activities to children impacted by serious illness, homelessness or tragedy. 

Providing hair, nail and makeup services, Strands Hair Salon traded in a smile for a smile as they prepared these children for a night they would never forget! 

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World Heritage Day 2017
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